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What tpdrcouga Is About

tpdrcouga is an effort toward informational and dialectic material for the individual, collective, or group. It is in its nascent stage. It touches on the state and the people and philosophy and religion, and art and science. It is a view, a view of (for now) just Kevin A. Sensenig, its publisher and author. It is meant to convey views and provide pointers to significant resource while indicating that each individual living out any of many various types of lives (individual, interpersonal, group, state, international) has already significant material, and may further those endeavors here with modern-type thought that points to thought and praxis both ancient and modern; others may see resources that they can benefit from, in their own validation and reasoning and esprit with it. May it be of merit and of benefit.

An Apperception

What is it that one sees?

kutas (Sanskrit): what is it, where does it come from, what is it connected to, how does it function, what is its essence (and in conjunction with the world-space), what does it contain, what contains it, what is its extent, and in how many ways and angles.

ma (Japanese): 'the space between'. the interstitial.


The individual, the universal, the family or tribe, the state, and society.


The mind, apperception, entity-ness, and the social-relational can be tricky or straightforward.  May each person find a way to work with themselves and we-and-the-world in a depth and participant way, and strengthen that in others.

The State

The State (The Term)


Library P300

Te Chiseled Constitution USA - 'te compute center Constitution' (tccc)

Marxism, Thomas Paine, 1776, And Fundamental Rights

Fundamentals -- MSX-SENXTISM

The Declaration Of 1776, Rights, Fundamentals

Rights And Things Of Merit -- General - Document

NeXTcube: The Chiseled Constitution

The Power To Represent (Theory Concept And Actuality)

Right Peaceably To Assemble

The Right Of Te People Peaceably To Assemble --> To Assemble

te right peaceably to assemble and invention and mastery of such

Key Notes For T-DRCOUGA-Mvo-p Evident Law 300-400option 2020 Law Bill

TCCC Theory And Applied P801

Statements On The Dialectice 1776, Thomas Paine, And Marxism

Political And State And 'We The People' Analaysis And Criticism -- Today's America, The Monarchy, Tyranny, 1776, Marx, And Freedom USA

Logic, Analytics, Mvo-p, Dimension

Mvo-p Analytics: Logic 1010

This paper provides some useful approach to analytics and logic, and the world, or an aspect, observation, or representation within it.

Nations Life Expectancy And Health Expenditures Percent GDP


This might be a useful resource and notation.

Mx-Senxtism: Analysis And Most Diligent Consideration In The Absolute Spirited Way, Te Capital Productivity, The United States Sectoro From 1773 Historical To 2030 Projected


This paper above and this website presents some striking analysis on the financial and other costs to -- and a redefined framework replacement for -- the biogenetic mainstream psych unit psychiatry theory and praxis; the psych unit as it is up to and through 2021 CE United States. That is part of the clinical medical model, as basis of all freedoms, and is actually anti-this. ... and anti-'all of the above', this very ancient-modern-all-types of world- and world-space. Medicine is fine -- as medicine. Not the clinical medical model as basis for all that is, and can explain very little. The biogenetic model of psychiatry can explain not one iota of the actual existent world. It must take it to a realism and realistic framework. Mvo-p.

tpdrcouga – COVID-19 Statistics And Information And Analytics

One's Notebook

A-No Tech Know-C Anti-Big Tech BC Compliant Caterpillar Block

Nationalities, Races, Ethnic Groups, Tribes, Cultures, Various Groups, Regions Within Society, The Individual, And Freedom America

The ‘Six Layers’ Mx-Senxtism Dimensional Grid And Relational Arrows Idea For Knowing The Foreign Nations

Mx-Senxtism Mathematics Fundamentals Journal Notes

Mx-Senxtism: Perestroika And The Soviets

Art World-Space And Freedom America

Perhaps A Fundamental Of (That Is, One Interpretation Of...) Hispanic Ways!

German Wuhan Gaia

tpdrcouga TSOM-S R&D Ongoing Y2020Autceium And Following #CDCdigital parameterized s[o]

Religion And Spirituality

Some consider themselves spiritual and religious, some consider themselves spiritual and not religious, some consider themselves not spiritual and religious, and some consider themselves neither spiritual nor religious.

Here is material from Religion and Spirituality.

Favorite Christian Statements And Scripture

Analysis, Review, And Dimension

Lukacs-Mx-Senxtism Review-P30tpp

Message To Dr. TDK, Not-Phd Of Psyk!T, On 2020 Sometime In November (Or Was That Late Autumn, Plus Minus And Before), Te Federal Law And Justice Theory And Applied And Right Way

MyPhilosophicalMusings-ToAndOfNo-PhD_It-Represents-AnOutline, Not-Phd Of Psyk!T, On 2020 Sometime In November (Or Was That Late Autumn, Plus Minus And Before), Te Noumenal, Etched, Evident, And Right Way

Music Art Performance



Music Art Performance

A writing: sound-just-block-audio-literature-te-novel


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