MyPhilosophicalMusings-ToAndOfNo-PhD_It-Represents-AnOutline, Not-Phd Of Psyk!T, The Experiential-Observational, The Logic, The Evident Te Object Set Way, As Per [_], Te Noumenal, Etched, Evidentce, And Right Way

Observations And Philosophy, tpdrcouga
By Kevin A. Sensenig
Draft 1.04
2020 November 14 -- 2020 November 15

My Philosophical Musings

The Experiential-Observational, The Logic, The Evident

Te Object Set Way, As Per [_]

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Te Object Set Way, As Per [_]


Ah!  Aristotle 'On Interpretatio'-n' or is it 'On Interpretation', paragraph 3 (3 being an Arabic numeral, yeah, decimal numeral, integer numeral, of-a-set numeral, etc.).


got to be grammatical, with the periodical, the assuredly most certainly poetical!


Further Notes And Annotations

If one is ethical and pertainable, it may be the case that one is really in a dynamite, somewhat oriented, fully oriented, evidential, experiential, natural, and notable way.

The significance of this cannot be understated!

( And one might also-find-the hospitable!  The hospitality way the based root way, and of- individual way! )

"Is the universe a great cube, with no corners."  A natural question.

Tao Te Ching: "The great square has no corners."   TTC, Lao Tzu, Ursula K. Le Guin, ch. 18



te theory to have !

it: space
it: entity
it: it
it: identity and or not nand nor xor p(f)  tsubp(f)
it: s[o]
it: [_]
it: set { n objects }
it: tsom
it: tem
it: tem eg it: apple it: connectionist-apple it: symbolic-apple
it: state
it: mental state, emotive state, intentional state, physical state

it: object state
it: object state relational state wake-state state do-something state init state  at t-unfolding state

it: te arch
it: te uniframe and relational and so forth description, actuality, evident, and perceived and actual and represented
it: te trans-frame

bit is an it

te bit is it
te bit is ait
tea bit as seit

the 877o8 way
the 877s[o]8 way

Te NKUTAS (Perhaps!) Te MIT Te Federal Te Mvo-p Te Zen MIT Way Te Notice Te Tao Wei Wu Wei Aware And So Forth Way


* <-> Annotation

C Java Objective-C Python Smalltalk C++ * ---> it THEN Which word it? In grammatical and base 'all of the above' and so indicated, 'it'?


To The Relevant Parties, In A Federal Law Venue, With Respect to An In Particular And Evident And Not-Truthful Professional Status (I State, And To Verify Further, And Represent, As Per The Best Of, My Knowledge, Referent Material, Testimony, Things IN Print From And To, This Psychiatrist , and his own expression, and untrue truth-statements, and his to set aside all evidence and logic and reason and published material, and for what, and the above is some valueable logic per the Situation of this, and along with my material at mvo-p ( ) and tpdrcouga ( ).

Could you state here in print,  in language -- and I have expressed many thing of ethic, resource, logic, material, manifest effect, evident, and of philosophy, Zen Buddhism, And The Observational-Experiential, And Of Joy, And Of Merit, And Of Reason, and Of Creative, And Of mvo-p, and of Event, And Of Fact, And Of Representation, during the past 1.5 years to you in speech, in meeeting, in hearing, in print and pdf and text message on NOUMENALYTLLG Text Message.  In language, which you have appeared to understandeach time, and never express anything other than intelligent listening to meaning awareness,   and in American English Language, in everyday tone mostly ,  and straightforwardly and honestly and to cite reason and evidence, in court, the IOC hearing in 2019 August  in SigmaPAIK-RISC-Domain→   , and in contrast to and to cite your in print fabrications of alleged term deficiency (has no insight, has thoughts of delusional grandiosity), that are lies and fabrications under professional and funds revenue and funds paid and to represent honest and truthful and complete , the truth, the accurate and to evident and instance actual any event or speech or effect or merit or demerit cited.

I have the direct list of the bibliography of at least say 10 books and their titles, on my document in the August 2019 IOC hearing, ready to read to the Court, and that is still in PDF on my digital workstation, to cite at any time.

I testified to contradict errors, and fabrications, and lies, and to an evident, in the Professional (alleged and represnted as so) who was providing Psy!k Not-Phd, and should-have-been genuine and medicine and mind and ethic and noumenal and evident and dialogic and to support the dialogic and capital and real-world productivity, and Zen Buddhist effort that was there of me, in my own Zen practice, the absolute, the relative, and the everyday, and philosophical view and views and ethic and to-represent and working models of the evident and reasoning, and so forth.

Including in addition the mvo-p idea and published material online, and developed, and for others, and as resource and so forth.


Mvo-p And The Dimensional Psych (And Otherwise) Domain

MVO: 2019 Thesis

Introduction To Mvo-p And My MVO: 2019 Thesis


MyPhilosophicalMusings-ToAndOfNo-PhD_It-Represents-AnOutline, Not-Phd Of Psyk!T, The Experiential-Observational, The Logic, The Evident Te Object Set Way, As Per [_], Te Noumenal, Etched, Evidentce, And Right Way

NeXTcube: The Chiseled Constitution

tpdrcouga | TECCC Theory And Applied P801

*   *   *    *     *      *         *  

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To Whom It May Concern: Te Object Set Way, As Per [_] - s[o]- Logic


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