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Observations And Law, TCCC, PA State Constitution
By Kevin A. Sensenig

2020 November 16

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Key Notes For T-DRCOUGA-Mvo-p Evident Law 300-400option 2020 Law Bill

For instance, here is a Scripture that is supported for the individual to pick up at his or her free determination, this Scripture from the Bible, NKJV.

Joshua 1:8
This Book of the Law shall not depart from your mouth, but you shall meditate in it day and night, that you may observe to do according to all that is written in it. For then you will make your way prosperous, and then you will have good success.

One might note that this is a particular Scriptural reference to Law, a Book (of the Law so mentioned), the term to meditate, day and night itself, the written that it is, and the way of one's endeavors.  That is, this is sort of a philosophical-action way to state the verse of the Scripture, above, just to note the terms and basis points.  One's ascertainment and practice of this verse from the Scripture, is then the free exercise thereof, and ptotected by the First Amendment, in the Bill Of Rights, the United States Constitution.

One might, it might be supposed, study, read, meditate on, and put into practice this Scripture or its indicateds, in one's Church or dwelling, one's house, or apartment.  One might suppose that each word in the Scripture is available to each, in the natural freedom way, each person, the citizen of the United States; and that this is a right.  This is consistent with the basic protections one might find in Amendment Four, the natural and free determinants and expressions, in one's house, apartment, room, free association, Church, mosque, sangha, or temple.  There might be some 450,000 of these words, in Webster's Tenth, that one can reference and ascertain their meaning and effect, for oneself, and to support the free determination of one's world, and that of others, using the appropriate combination, placement, or juxtaposition of these, in the routine philosophical, religious, spiritual, or everyday way, of one's own, one's neighbor, or object of study.  One might construe a word, term, set of words and terms, arrangements in sentences, paragraphs, chapters, and books; or handwritten notes, and other things in print.  It might occur to one that such words, terms, phrases, sentences, and paragraphs might refer to evident, reasoned, noumenal, phenomental, inner, spiritual, philosophical, external world, situational, observed, practiced, perceptual, world-space, interpersonal, mental, social, societal, experiential, physical, material, immaterial, seen, heard, tasted, touched, thought things.

One might notice a house, a tree, a doorway, a door, a room, a window, a street, a mountain, a leaf. a river, a thought, an object, a thing as it projects and represents, and may be so described.  Each individual has access to this, in the natural way, to notice, observe, and write about or share or keep notes on such things.  Journals, books, photos, art, gesture, all these freely so determined and observed are protected, by the United States Constitution and Law pursuant thereof, the Constitution, the Supreme Law of the Land.

One might ask of the above Scripture from Joshua, if it supports free determinants and fruitful expression, what a free Person, and natural supportive and evidence, free existence would show.  Then one can see if it is supportive of, furthers, enhances, explains, provides justification for, and expresses the rights and so indicated, the United States Constition; and whether such is protected, the free exercise thereof.

The above is a right and reason available to each person, the We The People, by the United States Constitution, and is to be protected by such.  It is natural, and evident, and ascertained.

This is our statement, in print, this day 2020 _______________, on the record, available to the American People, the free Nation, the United States Of America.


The United States Congress
The United States Senate
The United States House Of Representatives
and, so willing,
The President Of The United States,
Available to each Person and State, the We The People and the United States Of America.

Blessings of Liberty to we and Our Posterity,


The United States, the state, as and for the people, as the people, the We The People, the United States, the We The People for themselves, by themselves, and the state the United States, a free Nation.


- - - - -

It is suggested by tpdrcouga, that this be presented before, potentially be furthered and enhanced, debated by, presented to the American People by, and passed into Law after such, by the United States Congress, and signed by the President, into Law, an expression of basis- and exercise- and freedom- and rights- law.

This might even be available, over time, to the foreign Nations, in the appropriate ways, as evidenced and supported by the We The People, and the United States, the United States Of America.

2020 September 20  Kevin A. Sensenig  nxmvc  mvo-p