Music Art Performance

By Kevin A. Sensenig
2020 November


Meditations On Integration by Eric Dolphy

Tchaikovsky's Symphony No. 4 In F Minor performed by Stalingrad Philharmonic 1961

Gregorian Chant

A Un by Ushio Torikai



African Tranquility an album by various artists

American Indian Tribe Blackfeet Drumming And Dance

Damita Jo Rhythm Nation

Ms. Triniti   Ragga Hop   Do Or Dare

Miles Davis    Aura   Tutu   Amandla

Public Enemy

Abio Genesis Jungle Drum & Bass


John Cage

Silence by John Cage

Works for Percussion Vol 3 (1991) performed by Amadinda Percussion Group composed by John Cage

Steve Reich

Steve Reich   Double Sextet 2 x 5

Spec. by Taylor Deupree + Richard Chartier

Invisible Paths First Scattering by Steve Coleman

Toshiro Mayuzumi Nirvana-Symphony performed by Hiroyuki Iwaki, Tokyo Metropolitan Symphony Orchestra, Tokyo Philharmonic Chorus & Monks of Yakushiji Temple

Die Kunst Der Fugue performed by Keller Quartet composed by J. S. Bach

Kronos Quartet


Photographs The Universe Hubble Space Telescope


Paintings and Drawings

Gerard Richter

Jasper Johns


Chinese Calligraphy And Drawings

American Indian Paint Print Tribe Nature Mind And Myth

African Paintings Photographs And Print

Digital Art



More To Be Added

One's Own


Compagnie Marie Chouinard Montreal

Sharon Grace Send/Receive

Lucinda Childs Modern Dance

Gertrude Stein Playwright

Trajal Harrell   see what I think is his website

Photographs And Poetry And Story And More

Joy Harjo

Secrets From The Center Of The World by Joy Harjo photographs by Stephen E. Strom

Fixico   The American Indian Mind In A Linear World

Martial Arts And Workout

Beginning Tai Chi by Dang

Tai Chi Illustrated: For Greater Balance, Relaxation, And Health by Master Pixiang Qiu and Welmo Zhu

One's own notes

Resources (Favorites)

"JAH LOVE" Abja Feat Ras Attitude Official VID

Mahogany Road

Osibisa- Gong Gong Song

Rock And Roll This Is Jungle Sky Vol. 5

Available at Amazon digital music mp3 and other formats and other music stores.


May each person find a way to work with themselves, the spatial-temporal-three times and present moment world, one's own orientation, and we-and-the-world, the universe is an unfolding catenation, in a depth and participant way, and strengthen that in others.


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Copyright 2020 Kevin A. Sensenig.