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tpdrcouga analysis, review, and dimension
By Kevin A. Sensenig

2020 August 26

Mx-Senxtist Terms


From George Lukacs's Philosophy Of Praxis

Konstantinos Kavoulakos

Marxist critique

irreducible qualitative individual existence

for the individual, an irreducible qualitative fact-s[o]-t


that for the bourgeois, this gets turned into a quantitative number on a balance sheet, in a fetishist, rationalist mentality and way; and thus is the individual transformed.

The individual (worker) loses this duration for himself, this individual qualitative ... of existence, and (I'll say), self-determinative and self-realized actual working space.

On the job, what work is being done, in this duration?  What, How, and Why?  So ... this is important.

What is the path?

Factors, individuals, owners, investors, workers, state, dynamic doing-things.

Raw materials; factory, office; or means of production; store or market; buyer.

doSomethings, individual, group, tribe, family, and collective existence.  This world.

Section 9.2 Proletarian subjectification as a corollary of a natural principle p. 182.

My own ideas and extension of this.

From Mx-Senxtism


presently existent world

even Sunday morning

even 3x or 5x per day

even otherwise

even the three jewels

even the everyday

even a scripture

even a philosophy

even a handwritten note

even a fact

even a diagram

even a mathematics

even an art

even an observation

even an apperception

even a given, truth, beyond statement and outside categorization, or 'the participant'



present working directory

right concentration

eightfold noble path

right view, right thought, right speech, right action, right livelihood, right effort, right awareness, right concentation

other terms, subtypes of these, dependencies, noumena, and phenomenal expression



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