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tpdrcouga: Theory On The United States Constitution And Marxist Thought And Relevant Material From So Many Places And Resources

Observations And Law, TCCC
By Kevin A. Sensenig

2020 October 24 And Previous | 2021 November Additions

tpdrcouga: Theory On The United States Constitution And Marxist Thought And Relevant Material From So Many Places And Resources

By Kevin A. Sensenig
Draft 1.06
2020 October 24 And Previous



1.  Capital Productivity

The mathematics, the philosophy, the spiritual, the religious, the interpretation, the thought, the feeling, the speech, the enaction, the spatial-temporal and participant in some way world and mind-breath-body-world-space!  So one can work with that, this, or the Suchness (a universal) of this or that, and ask, why and what is it that is potential, this Suchbness thing, that I can picb up a experiential B in place of A and notice the Suchness of that, and the difference, and what other types and existent and toward what?

[Data point A] 'with respect to what?*'


Capital Productivity

15 or 150 words that describe something of ethic, productivity, do-something, etc.  This existent world.

[ tpdrcouga theory, and then... Capital Offense, say cat 4, is when these are, apropos, not on the table, denied right to, or contradicted with ... what givens and logic and ethic and effort and representation and market? ]

The Compute-Center Constitution Of The United States Of America!  nxmvc    tpdrcouga    2012-2020 KAS

Then, thanks to PA Rep, the State Constitution, The United States Constitution, the right to Enjoyment of These Capital Productivity Things.  !  Protect, Use, Have Access To, Use In What Way (Liberty, Maneuver, Responsibility, Evident, Free) [and support or not contradict rights in others, and to this effect, the US<->PA State Constitutions; especially if one has firm grasp of Right and its own meanings actuality noumenal worked-with and evidences of. ]


For instance, see the material at Mvo-p | Home    .

Also see the material and papers and resource at Mvo-p And The Dimensional Psych (And Otherwise) Domain     .

2.  Vote - the People - is by electors, in almost every office: Representative, House, Senate, President and Vice-President, Governor, State Legislature (?), judicial (except for federal and the Supreme Court: that's by the President and Congress).  Apply by electors (of the People) to the entire set {President, Vice-President, Legislator, Senator, Representative, Judicial In State And Local}.  Amendment 14 (?) and Amendment 17 are both well-thought out and thoroughly modern.  And 'each elector shall be Qualified as ...'.  And must also be in full grasp of the United States Constitution, the People, the Federal Government, the State, states (in so many ways), Freedom, Free Person, Rights, Right, Powers, Everyday, And Working Basis And Fact Of- And Basis-Of.

3.  A Representative must be of ethic and effort, to put the Person to Attain 26 Years of Age, which is itself this 26 Years Of Age, A block-existent basis and reality of-, a Person, a Being, a mind-breath-body-ethic-philosophy-or-spiritual-and-spirit-and-reason-noumenal-perceptual-human-and-humanitao-do-s[o]-present-moment-world-space.  That is, the Individual in question, that the Representative must most certainly and evidently to Support, in all Manner, and its Existent Fact, Just the Person, Just This World, Modern, Ancient, Tradition, Knowledge, Working Ability, Sense Of Things!  The Representative Must Have Attained This Himself Or Herself, And Must Evidently Have Set Forth This Opportunity And Fact And Domain And Rights-to And Access And Protections And Support And Trainings And Ethic, And Understanding, View, Thought, Speech, And Action; Livelihood And Effort, Toward This, In Substantive And Evident And Material And Theory-Praxis And Existent Ways!

3.a.  Abortion As A Right In All Circumstances, Or At All, Without Consideration Of This, And Anyone Who Holds This View, Is Not Qualified To Represent We The People, Nor To Be A Representative In The State, Local, Or Federal Government.  This is a fundamental meaning-basis and fact, to the term Representative, established in Article 1, Section 2.  !

3.b.  The State in which 1) the Person as to be represented, and 2) the state in which Person A, Person B, Person C, Any Individual is in, shall be the state of Choosing, and all manner of things and so forth evident above that Individual in that State, shall be Supported and Material, And More... !

4.  Lukacs's 'number on a balance sheet' representing something A {the Number, the Domain Of The Number, The Facts And Their Relationals, the Result Of The Number, The Resource Of The Number, The Reality Of The Contributors To The Number}, to an entity or Person who so considers this balance sheet, and representing something B {a subset, including the individual interpretive, subjectively known, worked with, and felt and expressed, the qualitative existence in an interval or during a duration, of that Person}, See Reference On tpdrcouga.

So Capital Productivity May Be The Certain Thing So Represented As Of The Premise Set To The United States Constitution, Along With Common Sense, Or Some Workable And Ethical And Spiritual Or Religious Or Everyday Or Ad-hoc Or Self-Determined System Of Thought And Expression And Existent Participant World!

See online for this, at, and emails sent.

And how this fits in with Lukacs's expression and interpretation of Marx, and Marxism, is an essential question, for the Marxist-TCCC Theorist And Acitivist Or Citizen Or Everyday Or The Material, Feeling, Thought, Enaction, Consciousness, The Immaterial, The Immaterial And These Others, Speech, Action, And So Forth!

Qualitative Existence
Fact Of
Subjectively Felt, Known, Participant, Expressed, Enaction, Eightfold Noble Path, REligious, Spiritual, Secular, Everyday, Universal, The Individual, The Family And Tribe, The State, And Society!

Quantitative Number On A Balance Sheet
Type Of Thing
Individual Ethic
Corporate Ethic
Free Person
Financial Arrangements And Fact
And The Above Things

The Above
Federal Law
State Law
The Spirit Of The Law
The Actual Law
The Law Pursuant To

For Resources

tpdrcouga Library P300    .

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a ‘Person’ means ‘ontologically free being free Person’

the people is a number of these

the people are free

in the United States, all people are intended to be free Persons, persons, Free.

A free person intends for other not-quite-free (or very much not free) persons to be free persons.

Any person (and Buddhism may suggest this) has the opportunity to be a free person, and should and must be given the opportunity to arrange, seek, find, determine solitude within, and so forth, the state of being free, the status an extrinsic freedom and a status of ontologically free being free Person.

This must also be societal.


Freedom America



in Article 1 Section 2, the first statement reads ‘the people choose’ and ‘the electors’. The people includes only those who 1) are free persons. And 2) retain the right to choose and be free Persons, each and in society.

This is tccc.

Te Compute Center Constitution Person; Freedom; and Right.

The consideration of the rights and requisites for an Representative mentioned above are indicative of the tremendous insight (Age of … that is selected and adhered to and sought and put into effect, to such a dimension effect and so forth, by the ostensible Representative) that the Framers intended, saw, and is in their background.


Then, there is the 1791 Amendments 1-10, the Bill Of Rights.

It’s quite explicit. Amendment 2 says, ‘for the security of a free state’. All 13 States and the federal and the national states were to be free. Freedom America, stated quite clearly. Protected as such.

Amendment 1 describes the free exercise of religion, the freedom to practice religion or not (or to practice an ethical everyday or philosophical life, again free); and freedom of speech (again it has to be free, superlative to or as superlative 1776 speech, in the same furtherance of that type, and not to contradict it!) It can be reason or intuitive or both. It has to be freedom of speech that is free. Freedom America. The freedom of the press (again, a free press, like the press of 1776 and so forth), and the right of the people peaceably to assemble.

Amendment 9 says that other rights not mentioned may exist, and so the meta-type and in instance should be well-grasped.

right to rights
Right to right

Let’s say for now that right is existent-potential and available to each person, and that right is right-minded, and protective of others, in like manner, so they are right-minded potential and effect. Right-minded is to imagine a plumbline suspended; it is merit and ethical and an ethical system. It is free and it is available. From it are protective, requisite, universal, and specific statements, functions, qualities, derivatives, parameters; and they allow the infinitesimal and infinite-space domains; when applied with the nondual and integrated, and at the right (apropos) time, they are dynamite. They are genuine and ‘all of the above’.

Takuan Soho’s Ten Qualities: Form, Nature, Embodiment, Power, Function, Latent Effect, Manifest Effect, Latent Cause, External Cause, and the Inseparability Of These.

A right and the Right to such protects and naturally enables availability to these.

More later from early American writings. Another source might be a few statements in Hegel’s book Philosophy Of Right, section “The Ethical System” (Dover Philosophical Press). See Common Sense by Thomas Paine. Original thought, a scrutiny of the monarchy, and free nation goals. See also Critique Of Hegel’s Philosophy Of Right by Marx, O’Malley (ed.) – and his scrutiny of monarchy. I have a further application of this.

The Amendments, again…

The right of the People peaceably to assemble

to assemble

social groups
religious groups
vlsi corporations
computer networks
social networks
labor unions
labor effect
social groups
professional games and football and soccer
material effect
solitude and a hut
a farm
a metropolis
distribution networks
political parties with 'to assemble' effect
capital ethic
proper capital or free market system or like Right and rights and fcn system toward this set and concept 'to assemble' etc.
proper vote and to choose and and electors and like Right and rights and fcn state toward this set and concept 'to assemble' etc. a theory and praxis, and a theory-praxis
fields of study
one’s own (free, and right-minded) domain

dimension appears!

although the state does this



whatis the state and the people (kutas)

just this, as so far; and federal and national and the States’ each (as and manifesting) ‘the state’.

I am perhaps a Marxist with tccc esprit


Thomas Paine et al

te compute center constitution of the USA

'of America' is important

labeled the United States

titled te United States Of America, USA!

Thanks Circuit Judge (Kentucky) Jennifer B. Coffman! (See the 2011 Jan 5 Cox decision. 'Freedom Of Association', Free Speech, and … to decide this further … )

People choose Electors Qualifications
right to Right
Right and rights
right to rights


a free state

the state

Republic 1) National, 2) within Each State (guaranteed a republican form of government)
the freedom peaceably to assemble
the freedom of speech, and such speech must be free

the freedom peaceably to assemble, and such 'to peaceably assemble' must be free, and ‘the right peaceably to assemble’

it must be assembly, 'peaceably to assemble'. A term with equally substantial basis: 'The merit of'.

When you /assemble/ something, it has to be on the merits of this actual world, and it has to be fcn, and it has to be 'to assemble'.

See Takuan Soho’s Ten Qualities.


Consider this. The Framers were numberists. They loved math as in a count and in a set of objects and their count, each object a dimensional thing, yet with int(eger) representation, and the real number representation, as well as other aspects of it. At least I project some of this; but the Framers were numberists, and some of this or its totality is the case.

For instance, it’s three-fifths other; that is, three-fifths other than [that phrase/noun just mentioned… ] the American Indian. Thus, 3/5 were of 3/5 other than the American Indian, the American Indians being that number just mentioned (all this refers to the count of the American Indian and other). Thus, if the American Indian count was 30 million, we get (all others, immigrant and newborn) 50 million. They (the Framers) were clearly aware of metropolis, city, small town, and rural potential – and the absolute respect for the American Indian – a peoples so dimension as to be striking; and to which those who realize such dimension in European and African and South American and African potential and actuality would immediately recognize, and confirm with time. And mutual space and respect and interchange.

This is the tccc interpretation, and is clearly what is meant.

I started with Zen Buddhism, to step to givens, and to read the text and allow it to speak for me. So I am a textualist, with my own clean-sheet of paper approach, writing things on it, and a nondual, actual read.

Others may read it differently, but this is what is inevitably meant, by the text. And it is subject to proof. Otherwise things are fractured, things don’t fit, rights are contradicted and violated, or broken systems result.

It is astonishing what I’ve seen appear before me with attention and at intervals.

See what you get.

2021 Nov 10-22 Kevin A. Sensenig


Here is part of my dialogue and dialectic between Marxist Thought and USA TCCC Thought

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