Mx-Senxtism: Analysis And Most Diligent Consideration In The Absolute Spirited Way, Te Capital Productivity, The United States Sectoro From 1773 Historical To 2030 Projected

Observations, Mvo-p, And Law, TCCC
By Kevin A. Sensenig

2020 November 7

Mx-Senxtism: Analysis And Most Diligent Consideration In The Absolute Spirited Way, Te Capital Productivity, The United States Sectoro From 1773 Historical To 2030 Projected

te 23 trillion usd Debt.

In Te Year 3678, Te - .

The United States Treasury has most directly a claim of Law and Free State Theory Applied the following: 10.0 to 14.5 trillion usd for where is it potential and most certainly and evidentially should have been present or approximately thereof, in federal tax revenue, per work and personal income and federal taxes paid on such personal income, the actual potential-demonstrable-mvo-p-and-things-it-indicates for each free person and those seeking to obtain free person and liberty and opportunity and free and protected and equal protections for each person free and seeking the free the justice the economics the work the individual the speech the view the thought the speech the action the livelihood the effort the awareness the read the studied the contemplated the reflected upon the participant the making of the effect the material the evident the potential the actual the enaction the ongoing world, worlds, and so forth.  The individual, the universal, the family and tribe and friends, the state, the society.  The federal Law, the federal law and the States' Constitution federal law, the rights, the thing and basis Right, the International Law, the human rights law, the Natural rights, the free Person, the State, the Representative, the United States Constitution, the Spirit of, the basis of and theoretical of and evident of, the fundamental givens of, the worlds evident of, the logic of, the supported of, the protected of, the type of, the law of, the We the People of and that did toward and to-create and to-state and of, the federal official of, the infographic of and chart of and relational s[p] and s[o] of, and Many Things and of, and so forth... .

1. 'All Of The Above' Available As Right And Due Process And Justice And Rights And Free Person And 'This Actual World' And Many Interpretations And Views And Available Resources And Itself In So Many Ways,

2. The Years Interval Say 1980 To 2020 And Following As Evident And Present.

3.  The Modern American Psych Unit (So-Called), Behavioral Health Hospitals, Mental Health Hospitals, The Praxis and Theory And Theoretical And So Forth Of The Pych Unit, The Actual Psych Units So Put Into Effect And As-Practiced And As-Enforced And As-Represented By Who, In What Role And Profession And Standing And As Free Person Or Not Or As What, And On Record, And Per What Theory, Praxis, And Representation Of A Profession, Psychiatry,  And Representation Of The Individual,m Person A, Person B, Person C, The Situation, History, Context, Mental States, Emotive States, Intentional States, Physical States, Actual Events, Fabrications, Non-Representation Of Diagnosis, Theory, Basis For Diagnosis, Description Of Diagnosis, Description Of Meds In Meaningful And Evident And Routine Ways And Terms, Denial And A-Priori-Decisis Refutation And A-Priori-Decisis Contradiction In Theory, Praxis, Representation, Things Represented Of The Theory And praxis And Profession And Due Process Represented As Due Process The United States Constitution Due Process, And In contrast To And Juxtaposition With Justice Theory, Justice Theory Of Several Categories And Substantative Theories And Applied So Stated, States Of Things, Merit (And Merit In Its Various Ways And State And Evident, Not On The Table Nor Allowed Nor In Dialogical Nor Discussion), Reason (And Reason In Its Various Ways And State And Evident, Not On The Table Nor Allowed Nor In Dialogical Nor Discussion), Statements And Statements Of View And Of Fact And Of Speech And Of Action And Of Various States And Of The Interpersonal (And Such In Its Various Ways And State And Evident, Not On The Table Nor Allowed Nor In Dialogical Nor Discussion).

4. That Particular Category And In Theory And In Praxis And To Legal Effect And Supported Theory, Praxis, And Representation And Logic And Ethic, And Basis, And Basis In Alleged So-Called Science (And It Is In Contradiction Of The Fact, Givens, Intellectual Working-With And Working-Out And Evidence And Dialogue And Freedoms And Even Ways And Evidents, The Proven Or Disproven Or Reasoned About Or Theoretical Or Evidential Or Practical Results Or Individual Working-With Or Accessibility And Typical Openness And Training And Teaching And Shared Knowledge And Intuitive And Advanced Understanding And Theoretical And Descriptive And Taught And Learned And Reasoned On And Expression Of And Fields Of And So Forth, Real And Actual And Proven And Various Methods And Givens And Research And Logic Of And Ethic Of And So Forth, the Actual Available World And Worlds Of Science)... .





Both Published Online By Kevin A. Sensenig.

Envisioning Information, Beautiful Evidence, The Visual Display Of Quantitative Information
Books Written And Authored By And Published By Edward Tufte
Available At Retail Bookstores Online, And Other Fine Bookstores, And Online At Edward Tufte's Own Website,, Recommended As A Dynamite Resource.

The Basic Works Of Aristotle Edited By McKeon, Particularly As A Start 'Categories' And 'On Interpretation'.

Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus By Ludwig Wittgenstein, At Least The Edition (With An Introduction By Bertrand Russell) Published By Chron Academic Press.

Philosophy Of Right by G. W. F. Hegel Published By Dover Philosophical Classics.

the Emotion Machine: Common Sense Thinking, Artificial Intelligence, And The Future Of The Human Mind By Marvin Minsky Of MIT.

The Book Of Rinzai: The Recorded Sayings Of Master Rinzai (Linji) Translated By Eido Shimano.

Shobogenzo By Dogen, Translated By Nishijima And Cross.  In Four Volumes.  Available At  Particularly, 'Maka Hannya Haramitsu' and 'Zenki'.

A Study Of Dogen: His Philosophy And Religion by Masao Abe.

The Holy Bible.  NKJV.  And Other Salient Translations.

The Hebrew Greek Key Word Study Bible.

The Holy Qur'an Translated By Abdullah Yusuf Ali.

Moon By The Window: The Calligraphy And Zen Insights Of Shodo Harada.

The Gateless Barrier: Zen Comments On The Mumonkan by Zenkei Shibayama.

Hegel Philosophy Of Right Section 153:

<quote>  In that individuals belong to the ethical and social fabric they have a right to determine themselves subjectively and freely.  Assurance of their freedom has its truth in the objectivity of ethical observance in which they realize their own peculiarity and inner being.


The above is a right and reason available to each person, the We The People, by the United States Constitution, and is to be protected by such.  It is natural, and evident, and ascertained.

This is our statement, in print, this day 2020 _______________, on the record, available to the American People, the free Nation, the United States Of America.


The United States Congress
The United States Senate
The United States House Of Representatives
and, so willing,
The President Of The United States,
Available to each Person and State, the We The People and the United States Of America.

Blessings of Liberty to we and Our Posterity,


The United States, the state, as and for the people, as the people, the We The People, the United States, the We The People for themselves, by themselves, and the state the United States, a free Nation.

- - - - -

It is suggested by tpdrcouga, that this be presented before, potentially be furthered and enhanced, debated by, presented to the American People by, and passed into Law after such, by the United States Congress, and signed by the President, into Law, an expression of basis- and exercise- and freedom- and rights- law.

This might even be available, over time, to the foreign Nations, in the appropriate ways, as evidenced and supported by the We The People, and the United States, the United States Of America.

2020 September 20  Kevin A. Sensenig  mvo-p