Message To Dr. TDK, Not-Phd Of Psyk!T, On 2020 Sometime In November (Or Was That Late Autumn, Plus Minus And Before), Te Federal Law And Justice Theory And Applied And Right Way

Observations And Law, TCCC
By Kevin A. Sensenig

2020 November 12

My Philosophical Musings

Message, Journal, Note, Or If-Architect (THEN) ---> Diktionary, Say To Dr. TDK, Not-PhD Of Psyk!T, Year CE 2020-56 Sometime In November Or At Least Late Autumn, A Dimensional Instructional On Te Federal Law And Justice Theory And Applied And Right Way

[ For my own archives and record and journal, and for any review and analysis per federal law, justice, ethics, reasoning, evidence, psych! mvo-p tsom-s theory, rights, right, freedom ethic, fact and representation of fact, contradistinction with respect to science, others' records, feedback, comment, scrutiny, files, reports with trusted colleagues, academic scrutiny in the trusted and genuine and logical and evidentiary manner, state and federal law review, and so forth. ]

[ What follows, with enclosed attachments, is a reply to my now-dismissed former Doctor Of Psyk!T (or, Not-PhD), now in all literature, an alleged professional and to represent an anti-right and anti-rights and anti-freedom and anti-philosophy and anti-reason and anti-dialogic alleged professional, and a given a-literatur the to fabricate (type) alleged professional, the Psyk!T Dr. TDK, Of "AGIVN!NOTYOURS Behavioral And Mental And Totality Health, Inc." (A Corporation), DISTRICET 250-300-YRO-PAST (Of Past Present Future, The Present Moment) LOC USACDAOXZAOMTAODZTBWBAOTA-SOLARITY-MIWAGALAXY (Near Andromeda).  All claims are made with my view in mind, and are not to be shared except with trusted colleagues in Freedom and Justice and Accurate Representation and Validation and Verification and Ethical Way, Manner, And Means; And Per The Non-Freedom and So Forth Way, Manner, And Means. It is my view only, and I may  update the text, statements, recollection, analysis, and so forth. It is analysis, statement(s), representation of my own experiential-observation-logical-justice-aware-and-justice-interpretation and so forth material and logic.  Use it in all wisdom and for review and study.  All of my own statements, logic, view, citations, material, and interpretations and reports and accounts and conclusions and so forth are meant to be true and to indicate a certain totality and logic and basis and ethics. ]

Message To Dr. TDK, Not-Phd Of Psyk!T, On 2020 Sometime In November (Or Was That Late Autumn, Plus Minus And Before), Te Federal Law And Justice Theory And Applied And Right Way

From: Kevin A. Sensenig
Draft: 1.01
On: 2020-56 November Or Some A-D

To Dr. TDK (Not-PhD Of Psyk!T)

I trust you are doing well, in the Federal Law and Right And Rights and Justice Theory And Applied Way.

In respect to your biogenetic theory Stance, so-called Scientific Opinion and Its Particular Representation As Ethical (where it is Far From Ethical), Sound (Where It Is Far From Sound), A-Priori Decisis (Without Any Grounds Or Basis, And Total Fabrication Lie Anti-Actual Fact Anti-Right Anti-Free Speech Anti-Work Anti-Genuine Anti-Science Anti-Zen Anti-Buddhist Anti-Accurate Representation Anti-Justice Anti-Evident Anti-Evidentiary Anti-Truthful Anti-Logic Anti-Philosophy Anti-Religion And The Free And Meritorious Thereof, Anti-Linguistic Anti-Theory Anti-Inquiry Anti-Reason Anti-Reason And Fact On The Table, Anti-Reason And Fact And Theory And Effect On The Table For Genuine Review And Dialogic Assessment, Anti-Rights Of Authorship, Anti-Right Of Entrepreneurship, Anti-Free Market, Anti-United States Constitution, Anti-Freedom, Anti-All Evident Reality, Anti-American, Anti-Marxist, Anti-Analytic, Anti-Material On The Table To Take Up And Put Into Effect, Anti-Contemplation, Anti-Common Sense, Anti-Creativity And Art And Literature, Anti-Narrative, Anti-Financial Opportunity And Effect, Anti-PA State Constitution Right To Enjoy One's Life And Society ThereOf, Anti-Domains Of Life And Orientation And Merit (The Mental, The Existential, The Social, The Societal, The Experiential, The Physical), Anti-Physical Well-Being, Anti-Community, Anti-State, Anti-At-Liberty And Merit Of, Anti-Concept That One Could Work With, Anti-'All Of The Above' As Per Mvo-p (Which You Have Had Before You For Up To 18 Months Since May 2019 And Two Weeks Ago And December 2019 And Available In Between), Anti-All Evident And Narrative And Dialogical. 

I will be Sure To Review This In A Legal Context And With Appropriate Legal Counsel In The Lawful Way, To Support And Enforce And Illuminate Things Via Federal Law, United States Constitutional Law, And Relevant State Law.

Thank you for your time, not much at all, except for perhaps 2.55 and more million usd, if I get the opportunity, to pursue the above, in Federal Courts, and to pursue and explicate and justify and reason and evident and merit and explain and express and so forth 'All Of The Above', with respect to the above preceding, the message you hereby responded to, including the PDF, and all the Resources it provided, and the Logic And Ethic And Framework And Resource It Mentions, Talks About, Evidences, States, Introduces, Innovates, Points To, Indicates, Quotes, Cites, And Reasons About, Including The  Experiential-Observational-Logical-Accuracy-Evidential-Justice-Theoretical-And-Applied Way, Including Zen Buddhism, My Several Key Influences, The Free Market, Freedom, Liberty, Financial Opportunity And Effect, Wisdom, Logic, Resource, And Dimension, Vocabulary, And Realism -- All Of The Above, And To Talk About This In The Appropriate Federal Venue, In The Appropriate And Just Way And Evidentiary And Logical And Freedom America Way, And So Forth; And To Cite Your Standpoint As A Professional Of A Specific Class And Type, And Actual And Represented Authority And Expertise And Orders (Apparent), And Testimony And Advice And Fabricated Testimony And To Ignore All Evidence And Logic And Ethic And Right To Work With Merit And Freedom And Right, And Many Other Things, And The   Things You Have Said And Implied And Ignored And Stepped Through, And Logic And Ethic And Anti-Basic And All Right And Rights.

The Ethical And Logical And Rights And Free Person And Freedom America And Lawful And Evidentiary And Justice And Science And Liberty And Merit And Reason And Philosophical And Spiritual And With Respect To Religion And The Free Exercise And Effect Thereof.

I hereby terminate my relationship with you.  My relationship with you was to be as an ethical and totality and accurate representational and genuine and reasonable and professional and things on the table and rights-aware and Right-supporting and so-forth Professional, with me myself as a client and customer, and represented by the state, and a United States Citizen and Free Person and Entrepreneur and Author and Owner Of Published Work And Invention And Physics Major And Zen Buddhist And Analytic In Practice Person.  That was the premise, of your profession, representation, representation to me myself, representation to the state, representation of science and of a certain type of authority and objectivity and grasp of key concepts.  You are no longer my psychiatrist.  You and the like alleged and such Psychiatrists in the Psych Units and Followup, and the Psych Unit (Behavioral Health and Mental Health Hospitals) are anything but Such; and can claim no legitimacy, or rational and realstic and Right and rights and Powers and authority and genuine basis, science, justice, theory, praxis, logic, respect, effect, process, due process, supporters of Liberty and Natural and Rights Freedoms and Logic and Ethic and Dialogic And Lawful and Wisdom and Insight And Work And Representation Theory, Praxis, Justification, Or Right Or Power, Per Anything Like The Genuine United States Of America, the Law, the Basis Of The Law, Religion, Philosophy, Historical Analysis, Scrutiny, Foundation, Effect, Or Just And Due And Natural And So Forth Effect, Or Right To Practice, And Your Own Presumed And Actual Fact Of Fabrication And As Described Above And In My Own Mvo: 2019 Thesis, Of Which You Are Aware.  You are No Longer My Dr. Of Psyk!T, Not-PhD Of Domain, And I Terminate All Connexion With You, As A Client And Customer. And That I Am An American Citizen And Citizen Of The State Of Pennsylvania.  I canceled my last appointment with you, and I intend the full effect of the Law, all  Just Law pursuant to the United States Constitution, the Supreme Law Of The Land, And All Ethics And Just Outcomes, As Stated Herein And Before, And To Cite All Of My PDFs And Messages And URLs And Representation To You, Since May 2019-56 When We Started Our First Meeting Through To October 31 2020, And Also Including My Message Herein.

I Request That You Do Not Write Back Unless It Is In Support Of Law, Federal Law, Right, Rights, Free Person, Freedom America Type Logic, Honest And Genuine Intent, Respectworthy, Ethics, Medicine, Science, And Accuracy -- And An Expression Of And In Support Of Science, Logic,  Philosophy, Religion, Spirituality, Narrative, Medicine, All The Many Genuine Types Classes In Society And In The University, Reason, And Acknowledgment Of Merit And The Dialogic And The Evident And The Evidentiary And The Factual And The Accurate And the Genuine And The Logical And The Acknowledgment Of Merit, Reason, Ethic, And Effect.

Thank You So Much!  All The Best, In Effect Of Ethic, Law, Federal Law, Federal Statute, The Compute-Center Constitution (My tpdrcouga and nxmvc and so represented term and idea and theory and expression and published as such) the United States Constitution, And Relevant States' Constitutions, And Representational Law And Reasonable And Just And Totality Such Ethic And Expression And View And Right And Rights And Powers And Effect And Freedom And Law.

Kevin A. Sensenig  KAS


NXvisual   NXsixsenses   NXsekidatethreenen  NXlogical  NXevident

My Works In Publication And In Work And Digital Technology And State And United States Constitution And Zen And Philosophy And So Forth

State, United States Constitution, Federal, And Rights Law And Ethic And Return For Principle And Reason And Analysis And Fundamentals; All This And More Protects, Supports, Structures, And Provides Frameworks And Rights And Effect And Responsibility And Merit And Representation And Market Type And Financial Responsibility And Financal Models And Financial Transaction And Financial Currency And Investment And Parameters And Goods And Services And Corporate Law And Structure And Responsibilities And Equal Protection And Right To Due Process And Right To Representation And Qualification And So Forth, For Many Things, Including The Following And The Many Aspects To Them.




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Thank You.  Sincerely, Kevin.  2020 November 11   United States Of America.  Freedom America.

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You, Dr. TDK, Not-PhD Of Psyk!T, Wrote, On 2020-56 October 28, At 12:28 PM, ET CEA-D OR SO, IN ACTUAL FACT, To Which The Above Is A Reply:

RE: Visit Follow-up Question

Message body:

Hello Kevin, have you increased the medi[tc_]ation back to your prior [merit dilemma no-dilemma dose doctrinal volume amount duration diligence work logic journal prajna s[o] t sixdomains+] as I previously suggested to avoid hospitalization,in a Psyk!T Place, Or Te Many Evident Worlds Of Actual Mvo-P Dimensional Being-Time (To Fail To Journal To Note To Evident To Quote Dogen Shobogenzo Uji, And Zenki, Also), In The Temporal Way, Yet Again?  Or, Would You Rather I And You Dialogic To Evident And Baseao Prajna, Te Dogen Maka Hannya Haramitsu, Of This One's Own, Being-Time, And Universal Domain.

Most Sincerely,
Dr. TDK, Not-PhD Of Psyk!T.

* * * * * *   *       *  

I had written, the Morning (AM) Of 2020-56 October 28:

Message body:

----- Message -----
From:Kevin A Sensenig
Sent:2020-56 October 28 8:57 AM EDT
To: Dr. TDK (Not-PhD Of Psyk!T)
Subject:Visit Follow-up Question

Dr. TDK (Not-PhD Of Psyk!T),

I trust you are doing well. Really dynamite day, this morning, te typical status, and so much to note!

1 enclosed PDF for your review. Thank you in advance of Such review.

To first part of PDF, to definite annotation, see as follows.

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

Message To Dr. TDK (Not-PhD Of Psyk!T) 2020-10-28 r&d Status s[o] And Mathematics For The Morning Spatial Koffee!

For-Japanese-Ma! Te Dr. TDK (Not-PhD Of Psyk!T), MIT AND CALTECH AND 'ALL OF THE ABOVE', MVO-P!

* * * * * *

r&*d Status s[o]

Te Spatial Medi]tc_]ation --->

"I am meditations compliant, and in praxis!" (psych! medi[tc_]ation back to your prior [merit dilemma no-dilemma dose doctrinal volume amount duration diligence work logic journal prajna s[o] t sixdomains+] as I previously suggested, that is, s[o])

I am working te federal way, in support of 'all of the above', and Mvo-p Theory, and Several Productive Things.

Te Wittgenstein Way! So Zen-Of- And Te Natural Of- And Te s[o] Of-


* * * * * * * *

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<End Of My 2020-56 October 28 AM Message To Dr. TDK (Not-PhD Of Psyk!T),  Of "AGIVN!NOTYOURS Behavioral And Mental And Totality Health, Inc.", Pennsylvania, United States>

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