By Kevin A. Sensenig
2020 August 29

A Novel Just A Start

Jack and Daniel set, well, somewhat if more than before, at the tabular table data set, before them, with the glass there -- it would appear later that they had discussed not much at all, even though  it was in through at the rectangle-delineated-frame (via proj-geometry, projection-geometry, and triangle-set-geometry) doorway that they said not much so much as less than the second m-object within t, at any object, in fact.  A double abstraction had already occurred, and it -- that is -- "Jane says, 'de,i,mentional jsm's grids, trans-frame-ds-t and rotating 3-d transframes s[o]...or was that kek-h kek or kek-j?', as she gazed through the translucent" ...

Existence-state is ((n-s[o]) t)... as stone sand rock wind tree mountain sky one walks the earth alone (mvo-p f and i-m-a projection) and other etched orange thoughts IFF but mostly in acrylic.

Jane reached out and placed a book before her on the hardwood floor.  Shodo Harada.  "Moon By The Window".  She happened upon the poem 4 or 5.  Gazed up at the translucent wall, its edge, and noticed the non-Euclidean abstraction and substantial meta-i-s[o]-mathematical line, surface, surface 1, surface 2, ... {surface-type, surface-type, line-type, geometric-type, f-type type, s[o]-type, ... (f(multiple combinatorials of these) applied to the self-same-set)}... .... then it occurred to her, this surface of time.

The non-Euclidean combinatorials of the s[o]f set, the three factors, the five notes, and six categories.

Copyright 2020 Kevin A. Sensenig.  "An initial idea, explication and etch ensuing."