The Power To Represent (Theory Concept And Actuality)

United States Of America
By Kevin A. Sensenig

2020 August 31


if the federal or State law is Pursuant to the Law, the United States Constitution, is the 'cube', activity, event, situation, fact, justice, and unfolding resultings, the states and verbs of things, Pursuant to the Law, the United States Constitution?

This is... Concept!  A rectangular-translucent-solid that be so much! ... and block-step audio.

Takuan Soho's Ten Qualities.

Form, Nature, Embodiment, Power, Function, Latent Cause, External Cause, Latent Effect, Manifest Effect, The Total Inseparability Of These.


Equal Power To Representation

- Of- the individual.
- Of- the state.
- Of- the individual, the universal, the family or tribe or group, the state, and society, supportive of that in others and entities.  Rules and so forth can be discussed.  Structure, flexi, framework, basis, the actual expression.
- This is consistent with 'due process' but it is another type fundamental.
- It is consistent with 'representation' in Common Sense by Thomas Paine, and in the state, the States and United States, of the People.
- Philosophy of Right by Hegel.  (Incl. the Dover Philosophical Classics Edition.)
- Tractatus Logico-Philosophicus by Wittgenstein (incl. the Routledge Edition)
- Zen Theory, Buddhist Theory; Zen praxis, Buddhist praxis.
- To represent oneself, for a Theist, before God.
- Liberty.
- Liberation.
- Freedom.
- Justice.
- A Free Person.
- A Free People.
- A Free Nation.
- The Freedom Of Speech (Speaking, Writing, Silence, Art).
- Merit, Reason, The State Of Things (the state of affairs).
- State (the state).

- One could also consult The Emotion Machine by Minsky.
- Kutasa.

- One could provide an Amendment to the US Constitution with this.
- One could use it in the meantime.

- One could introduce this to the Russia 2017 October Revolution, the Soviets made up of Workers, Soldiers, Peasants.
- It supports the Spirit Of 1776.

This is dynamite.


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