Art World-Space And Freedom America

By Kevin A. Sensenig
2020 September 19

Art World-Space And Freedom America

thin, thick, yellow with an edge of white

is the thing the thinness of the edged triangle of isosceles precision and angle

the thing, the five-pointed star, the white stars on the Flag

Hosea and Joel and James and Luke, Books Of The Old and New Testament

Philosophy Of Right, the book by G. W. F. Hegel

Productive Citizen and Freedom

The various parties, their theories, models, and praxis

The States. state, federal, judiciary, and book on justice and historical context

the things so evidenced

the American Patriot

The Republican Party

Businesses and Corporations, Church, Sangha, and Mosque; Education and Illumination

subtype progressive all over the map

gop partchment as studied so forth

the the state

nazi Germany slave owner in mentality and operative philosophy

types of Confederates, types of Freedom Fighters, types of Westerners, types of Philosophy, categories and many things





The Constitution Of The United States

The Rights, the free state, the template nature of some of the articles, the things specified, the proper-noun (name, concept, basis, theory, and actualization, so evidenced), the 'to start with common sense as the given' or any of many things so available, the delineations, the directives, the amendments potential, the vote, the enumerateds; the federal, states, judiciary, and representatives, the national guard, the military, the due process, free press, free speech, the free exercise thereof; the philosophy and noumenal basis, the economic and theoretical model.

the things available

many aspects

in the marsh, where is the lack

worlds of activity, a contemplative day, a visual fact, s[o], s[o]nexlogic-t

natural world

mvo-p domain world

Philosophy Spirituality Religion The Everyday

Takuan Soho's Ten Qualities and Ten Worlds

The Buddha and Buddhism

Zen Rinzai, Unmon, Obaku, Dogen